During my stay in Winnipeg, I got around the city with Sunshine Transit Service’s accessible transportation. I took this opportunity to ride around in their accessible limousine for my entire trip. In short, it was amazing! I’ve never seen a wheelchair accessible limo before and since they had one, I was thrilled to try it out. If riding around in a limo isn’t for you, they also have a variety of wheelchair accessible vehicles to suit your needs.

Cory Lee


On August 20, 2016 over 65 rides and passengers “Rumbled the Road” to Morden from starting locations in Winnipeg and Steinbach to raise funds and awareness for Muscular Dystrophy. We are excited to announce that this year’s event was our biggest one yet, raising over $3500.00 for client services in Manitoba.

Money raised stays in Manitoba to support our Community Service Fund, assisting people with neuromuscular disorders with the purchase of mobility equipment and supports that are not funded elsewhere.

On behalf of our volunteer planning committee, Muscular Dystrophy Canada, and the people we serve, we would like to thank you for your support in this event. We appreciate you discounting the price on your accessible limo so that clients who would otherwise not be able to make the trip to Morden could be part of the event!

We are excited about next year’s event — and look forward to working with you again!

We are truly thankful for your support.


Averill Stephenson – Revenue Development Manager – Muscular Dystrophy Canada

Cheryl Rondeau – Manitoba Chapter Co-Chair – Rumble the Road Chair


Just to say thank you for the wonderful job you did and to let you know that we received good and encouraging comments from all the participants who used your service.

Thank you again very much on behalf of CCD and hope to work again with you in the future.

Bernadette M
Council of Canadians with Disabilities


Over 4 days in Brandon, Sunshine was responsible for transporting the athletes from Calgary and Edmonton from Brandon Airport to their hotels, and to and from the venue at Brandon University.

Here’s what was said about Sunshine’s efforts during the tournament:


Wow that was a lot of chairs, ah Gary?! Thanks for the great job you did for the tournament & the weekend for all the teams, staff & volunteers. I hope you enjoyed the game you watched, and I hope you did find some enjoyment time and it was good to see yah & again, Thanks Gary you made everything possible!

Brad Hebert

Murderball Classic 2016 was a success! Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2016 Murderball Classic in Brandon this past weekend. There were some awesome games and we really appreciate everyone who made this event possible. Thanks to all of the athletes, coaches, refs, volunteers, spectators, and sponsors.

Wheelchair Sport Manitoba

Gary Jakeman and his team provide a fabulous service that is well deserving of your support.

My mother is a 95 year old senior who is still independent in most of her activities of daily living and still living on her own but no longer able to drive. Like many people of her age and generation, and particularly as a woman, she is uncomfortable using the regular cab service.

Mr Jakeman offers an alternative, personalized service that has allowed her to remain active in the world beyond the confines of her condo.

In my opinion, this kind of private transport is a vital contribution to the support of our seniors community and should receive your whole hearted support.

Dr. R Greene

I would like to share my family’s experience with Sunshine Transit, specifically, Gary Jakeman. We first contacted Gary Jakeman in late summer 2015, as we were looking for a limo service to accommodate my parents to drive them to their 75th Wedding Anniversary party at the Pavillion in City Park, Winnipeg. My father was 100 years old on Sept 5th, 2015, and my mother was 97 years old. They were both using wheelchairs, but my Dad could shift himself from his wheelchair to a seat in a vehicle; however, my mother needed to stay seated in her wheelchair. This was a very very special occasion in so many ways for my parents, and we wanted them to go to their Anniversary party in STYLE!!! My parents had never in their lives been inside a limo and they also had never had a proper wedding ceremony as they were very poor. This was a huge big deal for them, and we wanted them to be treated like royalty. We wanted them to have the wedding-like experience that they never got to have.

I had called Gary and inquired about his services. He was extremely polite, professional, and very informative over the phone. I knew right away that this was the company I wanted to surprise my parents with. Gary really seemed to “get it” about what we wanted for my parents. He showed up a little earlier than expected to make sure that no one was waiting for him. He was extremely patient and waited for the “bride and groom” to be ready to go….wheelchairs and all. The vehicle was beautiful, immaculate, and obviously very well kept. Gary made sure that everyone was buckled in properly and comfortable before leaving for the park. He was very respectful and kind to all of us and especially to my Mom who had the front row seat. We had an extremely smooth and comfortable ride to the park. When we arrived, Gary took his time to ensure that both my parents were taken out of the vehicle and escorted to the party. When the party ended, I called Gary for our pick up, and he was there within minutes. It was like having their own private driver for the night for my parents. They felt so excited and treated royally. It was an amazing experience for them!

Two months after the party, my Dad took very sick and ended up in palliative care at Riverview Hospital. Without going into all the details, we requested Gary’s services again to drive my Mom back and forth from her residence to the hospital daily. We never knew exact times for going and coming, but Gary ensured that he was always available to help my Mom to see her husband daily as he was quickly failing. He was in Riverview for approximately 9 days before passing away on November 25th, 2015. I don’t know what we would have done without Gary and his extremely kind, respectful, and considerate nature. We had tried on one occasion to transport my mom by using handibus, and the ride was so bumpy, that my mom was actually screaming and crying her head off for the whole entire trip. I thought she was going to break a rib from all the bumping around. I couldn’t bare to see my 97 year old mother suffer like that. I resolved from that moment on, to treat my mother to the transportation that she deserved and required. So we always used Gary’s services after that for my mom. He was at our beck and call whenever we needed him no matter what the time of day or night or even through the night. Gary was there for us when we needed him for the funeral service procession as well.

I don’t live in Winnipeg, but whenever I visit there to see my mom, I always call Gary for transportation for my mother wherever she needs to go.

I can’t say enough about Gary and his limousine service. He is extremely professional, kind, considerate…..and really keeps his vehicle looking immaculate at all times. This is such a well needed transportation service in Winnipeg for anyone who is in a wheelchair and wants to be driven in style and grace.

I would highly support, recommend, and encourage Gary’s fleet to grow as I believe he has an amazing service and deserves the opportunity to grow his business. As a former business coach and consultant in Calgary, I see that Gary has all “the right stuff” to grow into a thriving business with the help of more vehicles.

Thank you so much, Gary!!! I’m sure we’ll see you again soon.

Good luck with the growth of your business!

L. Minuk

In Winnipeg we need more wheelchair accessible vans like Sunshine. In the winter time you need a accessible van to go to the doctors or for groceries or even a night at the movies, we need reliable van service.  Which right now we don’t have this kind of service, when you call for a accessible wheelchair van your are told you need to make arrangement a least two days in advance. This is not acceptable! When I need a accessible van I call Gary at Sunshine, He has always been able to help me out. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night he has always been able to send a van or even himself has come and picked me up and taken me home.  I greatly thank him for his service. I’m also the wheelchair rugby program coordinator here in Winnipeg, whenever we need a accessible van for our athletes to come to practice (Two times a week) or when we host a tournament we rely on Sunshine to get the athletes to and from the gym safely.

Whenever I call Duffs or Unicity for a wheelchair accessible van I always get denied because I don’t have an account or I didn’t phone and request a van two days in advance. We need more Accessible van on the road in Manitoba/Winnipeg to accommodate all the wheelchair user and seniors who need to get around the city of Winnipeg.

Please allow more Accessible Wheelchair Vans on the road which will help out the Disabled community in many ways by giving them the opportunity to live a life with the assurance that they can get around the city to be able to take care of their personal business and visit with friends and family.

Best Regards
A. Smith

Sunshine Transport provides a driving service that is perfect for seniors and their special needs.  Sunshine Transport picks up my mother at a prearranged time and location and is driven to her destination.  However, Sunshine and its drivers do not simply “drop” my mother off.   They ensure she is walked safely into the building and then ensures that she is placed in the care of her family.  My mother is a very fit 89 year-old who unfortunately cannot drive her vehicle any longer.  However, she loves to visit her children and her grandchildren and finding transportation in order for her to maintain this independence was very important to us. The service that Gary provides is not simply unique to our family as it could be a service that provides invaluable relief to other families in similar situations.

Seniors may have both physical and mental challenges, which must be handled with patience, understanding and compassion.  My mother, and other seniors, require a driving service that has an insight and an appreciation for their specialized needs. We are very grateful that we have discovered Sunshine Transport and the unique service they provide, as it has greatly enhanced the life of my mother and our family.


M. Gauthier

Regarding the excellent care and customer service that has been provided to B. Hebert by Sunshine Limo & Transit Service.

Sunshine and all of the drivers that I have had the pleasure of interacting with have always been helpful, respectful, punctual, professional, and have always gotten B. where he needs to be in a safe and efficient manner.

This letter is intended to give thanks and show my gratitude for Sunshine Limo & Transit Service.

I. Hebert